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Correct Buddhist Meditation Posture – Audio

| Audio | 28 Comments
In this audio file, I go over the basics of an adequate and safe meditation posture.

Introduction To Meditation – Audio

| Audio | 13 Comments
In this Audio, I cover the basics of Buddhist Meditation, why we do it and how to approach it from a psychologically healthy point of view.

Why and How I Became a Buddhist Teacher – Audio

| Audio | 9 Comments
If you prefer listening, here´s the text narrated by me, the author. Enjoy!

The Buddha

| Blog | 11 Comments
The logical place for us to begin our journey is by learning about the man that started it all: the Buddha. I will not go into his life story. There…
Shamar Rinpoche

How and Why I Became a Buddhist Teacher (Part 3)

| Blog, Personal Info. | 28 Comments
Once I made the hard decision to leave the center, my second home for almost a decade, many new doors opened.  First, I discovered that I was not alone.  Many…

How and Why I Became a Buddhist Teacher (Part 2)

| Blog, Personal Info. | 41 Comments
Back in those days, they weren´t that many options to practice Buddhism.  The internet was starting its boom, so beginning an online practice was still considered as something out of…